Haflingers For Sale

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Classic Elsa SGH

SALE PENDING- She is out of our best breeding. Her maternal brother was  reserve champion green horse at the last national show. We think that Elsa has that kind of potential with a really solid mind. She's a really good one. 

Floridian AFH

SOLD- Flo has been our kids and our family's go to show mare for 5 years. She is now 8 years old and has done almost everything you can imagine and she's done it very well.  Check out her video. 


SOLD- Born 2017, Prince is a great-minded, do-everything type of gelding. We're very excited to be offering him for sale. He has a lot of experience driving. He shows good potential under saddle for both English and Western. He's a willing worker and an uphill mover. In the video you will see him both English and Western plus a little of his driving.  He's a lovable teddy bear. You won't find a calmer, gentler Haflinger. This is what the breed strives for.


SOLD-Ace is a 9 year old gelding. He spent 6 years as a hitch horse. He showed at local and larger shows for 6 years. He did many years of large crowded parades, gave public wagon rides, public sleigh rides, and a funeral.  He has only been under saddle for about a year. Seems to have the mind and manners we like. He has a nice balance of pleasantly forward without being too forward.  Now we are retraining him to our style. Needs to strengthen the canter, but our  winter arena is small. That will come soon. A really nice, stylish horse with Aristocrat and Naustar bloodlines. That cross makes him strong and stylish with a sensible mind.  15.1 hands

Fraulein Maria SGH

SOLD- A beautiful little filly with really good breeding. She loves people, She should have a great mind. Her mom is an awesome kids horse and her dad is known for siring great minds. A great experience for your family that should mature into a lovely mare. Her sire is Windstar Van de Ooste. Her mother is Floridian AFH. Check out the video of her mother above.

Mini Driving Horses For Sale



$2700- A really nice, good-minded gelding. We've driven him alone through the woods and on the roads and he's doing great. He stands between 34 an 35 inches. He's young, solid, and will continue to get better. He's going to be really sharp looking and really reliable.


$2800- Midnight brings a little bit of an interesting option for families in search of their perfect mini. He is a little bigger, a little faster, a little stronger, and more athletic than most minis. His speed will thrill kids the like to feel a little rush. (adults too) My Liam likes to push him faster. He also rides nicely and and is strong and large enough to carry kids a few years longer than smaller minis. Both of my young teenagers ride him and he is easily able to carry them.  He is well trained and well behaved. I would not want him to go to a completely inexperienced horse family, but if you have a little bit of horse sense, you'll do well with Midnight. Midnight is a four year old in daily work.

Little Blackie

SOLD- Little Blackie is pretty amazing. He is a registered gelding that has a permanent measurement of 33 inches. He is probably close to 34 inches. This puts him in as an A division mini. I generally don't get too excited about A sized minis because they are too small to pull a big load all day. Blackie is a true exception to this rule. He may be short, but he is long, strong and energetic. He is like a little freight train with plenty of go. Not for a beginner, but he's doing very well.  Blackie is ten years old. 


SOLD-  He is a teddy bear. He is a double registered show gelding with a distinguished career.  Gorgeous mane. Gorgeous dapples. Very easy to love. Would be a good choice for a lot of people. You will enjoy hugging that big, thick, flaxen mane. His driving is usually very good. We have taken him to shows and the kids do well with him. He does have some days where he does not drive as well as others. Slightly quirky but not not bad.

Bobbie Blue Eyes

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE- Bobbie is as laid-back and easy going as they come. He rides nicely, goes single on a cart and is doing great double on the wagon. He is strong enough to pull the wagon all day by himself. He is 37 inches. He is four year old. Super well-broke. He does have awesome blue eyes. Disclaimer. When we got him, we did not realize how well he would go as a team with our mare, Cheyenne. (see video below). We may decide we need to keep him this year to drive with Cheyenne. Let us know if you are interested. 

Mc Dreamy or just Mac

SOLD- Mac is a registered gelding. He is four years old and a size A mini. He is about 33 inches. Absolute sweetheart is his dealings with small children and special needs children. In fact, we brought home a baby weanling mini and Mac became his protector and best buddy immediately. Mac almost has the personality of a loyal herding dog. Energetic little driver that knows his job well. Check out his facial markings. They are so cool. He seems to have cute little eyebrows in his brown and white face. His mane is chewed right now but when it grows back he will be a presence in the show ring. Watch the chrome fly when he moves his white legs and that beautiful tail gets flying. He'd be a really nice choice for grandma or the kids. His registered name is McDreamy, but most days he's Mac to us.

Velvet Dancer

SOLD- Velvet (also known as Tiny Dancer) is a very experienced  miniature show horse that helped us to teach my son how to drive over the last three years. That is her lot in life and she is special. You will not find many like her. The attached video tells her story very well. She is the age where I expect she can do a couple more rounds of kid starting. So, I would expect that she can hold her value for several years. With proper preparation, she still wins in the show ring. She has just done three years of drill team so she has seen everything. She can take over a birthday party or graduation party and put smiles on everyone's face. She has taught dozens of adults to drive as well. Current social restrictions have my kids driving more than ever, but my kids skills have advanced to where they are training the next Velvet's of the world. They are breaking greener horses now. They are a little sad, but they are also excited to see Velvet go light up someone else's world. We have a huge selection of used carts and harness to fit her, if you need a quick start. Stay safe. Follow safe horse practices. Educate your kids on safety. Velvet will do her part. Very fun horse that will make some family extremely happy.


SOLD- Cocoa is a three year old mare that is as sweet, laid-back, and honest as any mare you will find. Fun, fun horse to drive. She is a pure sweetheart. We are estimating her height at 35.5 inches. She's easy to love.


SOLD- He was the leader of our drill team and fabulous all around horse that everyone can drive and enjoy. I real mover. A veteran show horse. Great with kids.