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Haflingers For Sale
Minis at the bottom of the page

Wm Bubba SSH3

$8500 - This "do everything" gelding is coming along great. Trails, rides, driving, can ride through obstacles and gates. loves to join up with people. He is 3 years old. 14.2. He is a blast. Check out the video.


AVAILABLE SOON Rocky is an amazing 14.1 hand gelding we bought this year. We are having a blast playing with him, trail riding, driving and showing him this summer. He is what everyone wants. Amazingly calm and sensible. Stands, behaves, knows his jobs well. He has had a lot of training for a young horse. The video shows his personality pretty well. Horses like this are not available very often. Rocky is special.


AVAILABLE SOON Champ is a young young who started out his life on a working farm baling hay. He came to us extremely highly recommended by two of our friends who had farmed with him. They told us that you won't find a much better mind. He is a super driving horse and work horse. We are still polishing his riding, but your can trust him. Just went to his first show and he behaved like an old steady show horse. He is well bred too.

Libby's Legacy (Lacy)

TERMS LISTED BELOW Older sister of Libby's May listed above. We called this one Lacy. She is six years old. Super level-headed mare with a great attitude. She is a very experienced driving horse that is now riding and doing trails. We will consider offers to purchase Libby for $6000, if we retain the foal she carries. We're looking for the right home and the right fit for this special mare. Call us if you'd like to discuss.

Wil's Sweetheart

$8500 SOLD This is the kind we really like, super gentle, and laid back. A young mare out of Wil Von Masters. She stands at 14 hands which is a size that a lot of people are looking for. They are getting harder to find all the time. You can see here how nicely she drives and how laid back and well behaved she is. She is just starting under saddle now. It's not going to take us long to get her riding nicely. This price is good for 30 days. Her training will go quickly.


$6,500 SOLD Michael is a trustworthy 3 year old. He is kind of our ideal young horse. Check the video and you'll see why we love him. Michael's registered name is Midnight Mel SHS. Michael's price has been temporarily reduced as we work through a soundness issue with a tendon on the front leg. We'll be glad to review it with you, if this interests you.


$5500 SOLD Wonderboy is a yearling gelding out of the sire Windstar. We have had tremendous success training and selling these Windstar geldings. Contact me and I can send you tons of photos of his older brothers that will blow you away. These Windstars make great performance horses. They are nicely colored, level-headed, athletic, and good looking. He'll make the perfect project horse for someone who wants to raise and train the very best. He's still a little shy, but loves people and attention. He has a strong pedigree. His mother is by Wibo's Charm. Expected to finish near 15 hands.


SOLD Click on Libby's photo or name to go to her page and see much more video for Libby. She is an amazing 3 year old  mare and the total package. The numerous videos on her dedicated page will show what this mare's potential truly is. The video below is a good compilation. Really good mind for a young horse. She will be some family's dream horse. The one that all your friends are in love with. She's already getting that type of attention around our farm. She rides, drives, been on trails, she's seen a bit of everything. -again click the photo if you want to see more videos

Southern Belle SHH2

$13,450 SOLD A gorgeous filly by the sire, Wil Von Master's. One of the very best minded mares we ever owned was by Wil Von Masters and Belle seems to be in that mold. She seems to have the "cold blooded" mind of an old fashioned draft horse. Her strength reminds me of a draft horse. When she doesn't understand something she does not get excited. She patiently figures it out. She has a little more "whoa" than "go." We love that about her. But, she will go when you ask her. She is about 15 hands now and could go over that. Real sweetheart with a nice pedigree. You will absolutely love Belle.

Mini Driving Horses For Sale


$4000 SOLD- Buddy was a star on the drill team for all of 2022. He went to several shows and was shown by lots of people including some young children. Steady boy you can ride and drive all day. This boy can be the life of the party. Such beautiful color and such a nice mane and tail. He was very good when we got him and our kids trained him up all year to make him better. That is basically what we try to do with the minis. Of course, we can set you up with a cart and harness. Our kids can even give you some driving lessons.


$2400 SOLD- One of the best moving minis I've seen. He has been part of our show string and drill team for several years. I love this guy and always will. I think he is worth much more than this, but I would like to find him a good home that is good for him. A nice relaxed place where he can just drive the roads and drive the trails, maybe do a few shows too. He really likes that. 13 years old  34 inches.

lucy july 1.JPG

$3500 SOLD- This young mare is incredibly fun to drive. So responsive, so light, so quick and athletic with tremendous stamina. Watch the video. You'll see it clearly. If you come here to meet her, she will be exactly the same. Well behaved. At a very solid 38 inches, she is a very full sized mini. She is driving with all standard miniature equipment. Not for everyone, but if you like a big, strong, quick mini, she is awesome. I Love Lucy.

IMG_6441amy show.jpg

$2800 SOLD- Amy has that rich golden color that just turns heads. She is a very good girl that just about everyone should be able to drive. She has spent time in the drill team, so she's seen a lot. She is very easy keeper. She is carrying a bit of a hay belly in fall. But very easy to tuck up for show season. 36 inches.

IMG_6586 amy3.jpg

$3500 SOLD- Gorgeous driving gelding. You'll like driving Freddie. Such a beautiful color and thick mane. He is a great horse to drive, but its the hair and color that makes everyone fall for Fast Freddie. Lot's of drill team experience, watch the video.Last time I drove him, he put on a clinic. He is driving great now. Very responsive. You'll love him. 35 inches.

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