Haflingers For Sale

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SOLD- Born 2017, Prince is a great-minded, do-everything type of gelding. We're very excited to be offering him for sale. He has a lot of experience driving. He shows good potential under saddle for both English and Western. He's a willing worker and an uphill mover. In the video you will see him both English and Western plus a little of his driving.  He's a lovable teddy bear. You won't find a calmer, gentler Haflinger. This is what the breed strives for.

Floridian AFH

NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY- Flo has been our kids and our family's go to show mare for 5 years. She is now 8 years old and has done almost everything you can imagine and she's done it very well.  Check out her video. Flo may be available again at the end of this show season.

Luna SGH

$4,900- Luna is out of Waltzing William SGH and Lil Bit. She has a good mind and she is a tall, elegant young horse. She should finish at 15 hands or taller.   She has a lot of potential as a show horse. We like her more every day. . She's going to be an all-around star.

Luck Bea Lady SGH

$9000 with foal guaranty- An exceptional young mare out of some of our top breeding. Bea has a calm, confident mind reminiscent of her father, Waltzing William SGH. We expect her to mature at 15 hands. She is going to make a great all-around family horse. We love her mind so much that we bred her in 2020 for a Windstar foal. We will probably keep her for now. But she's priced to keep. The price would include live foal guarantee out of a stallion we love. She has been checked in foal for 2021.

SALE PENDING-Betsy is a long-legged show prospect that is projected to finish at 15 hands. We think she is probably the best show prospect we have ever bred. Her father is Walzing River out of the great Walzertakt and the famous Rivella mare. Betsy's mother won at the National show in 2013. Betsy is pretty much a ringer for her mother. She is well behaved. She is forward and energetic. She has been tested genetically for squamous cell carcinoma. She will have a real presence in the show ring. Betsy is 4 yrs old and recently attended her first show. 

Fraulein Maria SGH

$2100- A beautiful little filly with really good breeding. She loves people, She should have a great mind. Her mom is an awesome kids horse and her dad is known for siring great minds. A great experience for your family that should mature into a lovely mare. Her sire is Windstar Van de Ooste. Her mother is Floridian AFH. Check out the video of her mother above.

Mini Driving Horses For Sale

Velvet Dancer

$4800- Velvet (also known as Tiny Dancer) is a very experienced  miniature show horse that helped us to teach my son how to drive over the last three years. That is her lot in life and she is special. You will not find many like her. The attached video tells her story very well. She is the age where I expect she can do a couple more rounds of kid starting. So, I would expect that she can hold her value for several years. With proper preparation, she still wins in the show ring. She has just done three years of drill team so she has seen everything. She can take over a birthday party or graduation party and put smiles on everyone's face. She has taught dozens of adults to drive as well. Current social restrictions have my kids driving more than ever, but my kids skills have advanced to where they are training the next Velvet's of the world. They are breaking greener horses now. They are a little sad, but they are also excited to see Velvet go light up someone else's world. We have a huge selection of used carts and harness to fit her, if you need a quick start. Stay safe. Follow safe horse practices. Educate your kids on safety. Velvet will do her part. Very fun horse that will make some family extremely happy.


$2800- You can see in the video how good he is and how gentle he is around

the little kids. He's a younger gelding so he will require a family with some minimal horse sense to supervise the activities with kids. But he is really good, one of the more trustworthy young driving geldings you will find. We're proud that we have him. He is not registered, but can be registered Pinto. Stylish, sweet, he's got it all. He is about 32 or 33 inches tall.

Flash Boy

Available Soon- He is a double registered show gelding with a distinguished career.  Gorgeous mane. Gorgeous dapples. He is a work in progress as he came to us overweight and out of shape. It's amazing watching him transform back into this amazing pony right before our eyes. If you like him, keep an eye on him. We'll let you know when he's ready. Seems to be a fun boy almost anyone can drive. -Update: Just did his first show with us. Looking great, still getting in shape- very soon now.

Notes on price- we're still determining that. I would say he will be less than the others we've sold. His potential as a show horse is very high as he is a head-turner with real eye appeal. He has a couple quirky behaviors we are working through which would make him more appropriate for a family with some basic training skills. We have seen nothing dangerous, but occasionally he will have his own ideas of how things should happen. Small issues we are working though. (Examples- doesn't want to pull a very heavy cart- that was a 10 minute fight- he lost. Doesn't want to drive towards a strange dog, etc.) The heavy cart is now his normal training cart as he works into strong show shape.


SOLD- Lovely young gelding that everybody falls for. He has a little growing to do but he is very athletic an canters nicely on the cart. Everybody loves this cute little boy.


SOLD- He was the leader of our drill team and fabulous all around horse that everyone can drive and enjoy. I real mover. A veteran show horse. Great with kids.

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