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Horse Vehicles For Sale

Black Portland Cutter Antique

SOLD- This sleigh is one of my favorites. I just have too many and it hasn't gotten out much lately. I often take a bigger vehicle. But you'll love it. I got it from my neighbor.

Santa's Sleigh Red Albany Cutter

SOLD- We always took great Christmas photos with this one. It's nearly new condition. Shiny sleigh could have a million uses at holiday times. Lot's of fun.

aaronheidiwedding 567.jpg
"Brewster Green" Wagonette

SOLD- We've done a lot with this handy wagon. Single horse or teams. Check out the detail and the brass hubs. back two seats remove easily. Vis a vis seating. Looks great no matter what you do with it.

wedding trolley.jpg
Trolley with four seats

SOLD- Great for hauling wedding parties, your friends, wherever you're going get there in style with this unique vehicle.

Custom build Meadowbrook

$1700-2500 We had quite a few of these built custom for us through the years. We still have a few left. The higher price will get you a brake. The lower price is in slightly rougher condition. But they're all still nice.


SOLD- This is crazy cheap for the amount of fun we had with this thing. Look how we used to pull the kids behind us in their little sleds. The kids grow up and you have to give your toys to someone else who can appreciate them. You'll have this much fun too.

billteam3 for send.jpg
Farm Wagon

$2300- Another little vehicle that we really enjoyed over the years. This one we called the farm wagon. We used it to show singles and doubles. It is super simple but stylish. I can't tell you how many compliments we got over the years driving this little dandy. It just makes people smile because you're out having fun.

Cream Colored Custom Meadowbrook Cart

SOLD- Another cart we had custom built for us. It has done really well for us over the years. The shot to the left is my daughter winning a class at the National Haflinger show. There is some split in the family about whether we should sell it now or keep it. But contact us. It might depend on my mood that day. It is sharp.

Red Portland Cutter

SOLD- Fun antique cutter. Get out in the snow or just dress up your holiday season.

Bird in Hand Eagle Vehicle

Not currently Available-This one is set up to show a lot of different ways. The video shows it's versatility. You'll get the pole, the shafts, the picnic basket and the cage. We've won quite a bit with this one.

Meadowbrook for larger Haflinger

$3800- We're not in a hurry to sell this one. We like how it looks on our larger Hafliingers like 15.1 Rollie shown here. 

Antique Red Vis-a-vis Sleigh

$3500- Love this one we got a few years back at the T Smrt estate  sale. It's great to take the whole family out at the same time.

Rustic Farm Wagon on Pioneer Running Gear

SOLD-You can do a lot with this versatile wagon. It has a Pioneer running gear, 

Pioneer springs under the deck, brake, and a leaf spring Pioneer bench seat. Set up for plenty of fun on the farm. Hayrides or moving produce or kids and dogs,

like the video shown here. The running gear should be worth this price.

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