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Haflingers For Sale

Minis at the bottom of the page

Debbie Haflinger Mare

$8000 Sale Pending - Debbie is the ultimate sweetheart. She rides and drives with a calm nature that is very rare. At least the level of calmness Debbie has. Debbie is not registered with the Haflinger Association. All of our other horses have been registered. But when we saw Debbie, we knew she was special and that a lot of people would fall in love with her. She is small. About 13.2. She is 4 years old. She might grow an inch. If this is a horse that will work for you, don't wait too long. I predict she will get snapped up in a hurry.

Twila RCO

$12500 - Twila is a small registered Haflinger mare that is easy to handle. She was ridden and shown this year by a younger rider. She is coming 4 years old. She rides and drives as you can see in the video. Should mature under 14 hands. She will be coming 4 years old. Watch her closely. We have just resumed her training. She is really fun and coming on fast.

Mini Driving Horses For Sale


$4300 - Midnight looks like a miniature Freisian. He is slightly bigger and stronger than minis. This makes him a wonderful option for many, as he can easily give kids rides, and pull big loads easily as well. He stands about 40 inches and is 5 years old. Gorgeous. Midnight might look like a fancy show horse, but he's just an everyday guy. He'll drive the trails, drive the roads, what ever you want. You can see in the video that small kids can jump on and ride. He's only ever been to one show. But it was a quality show and he did really well. You can also see on the video that he's done a little bit of drill team. Super fun boy that can do everything. Grandma say's we're stupid for selling him.


$3800-Sale Pending Buddy was a star on the drill team for all of 2022. He went to several shows and was shown by lots of people including some young children. Steady boy you can ride and drive all day. This boy can be the life of the party. Such beautiful color and such a nice mane and tail. He was very good when we got him and our kids trained him up all year to make him better. That is basically what we try to do with the minis. Of course, we can set you up with a cart and harness. Our kids can even give you some driving lessons.

Kaleidoscopes Classic Ollie
miniature horse driving gelding for sale

$4500 Sale Pending-  We bought Ollie two years ago as a weanling. He was a training project for my son Liam, who was 12 at the time. Liam has put a lot of age appropriate training into Ollie over the last 2 years. Late this summer, Ollie was gently showed at his first two shows. He was very well behaved and did very well. He is going to be steady minded horse that will soon be appropriate for younger drivers. He is sylish, uphill, and energetic. He is registered with AMHR. If we don't sell him, he will be Liam's drill team horse next year. This one has a super high ceiling. Easygoing and easy to handle.


$2800- I can't believe we're selling Barney. He moves like no other mini. He has an extended trot that is jaw-dropping. We still remember the first time we saw him trot. But we decided that Barney is happier when he is not doing drill team. It is his personality. He like more structure, less chaos. He is at his best when driven with some consistency, soft hands, and calmness. The chaos of drill team can make him a less effective show horse. When you see the video here, you will understand the chaos. This guy is so fun to drive- pure adrenline. When you think he is trotting at full speed, he can drop it into another gear. Barney will always be one of my favorite minis. ( I have recently lowered his price. I am selectively searching for a great home and a competent driver / trainer to help Barney realize his potential.)

Kaleidoscope Dancing with Magic

$2500- Sale Pending -Stallion Prospect  Magic is a young registered stallion. We do not breed minis. We specialize in driving and we try to buy and train the best driving prospects. After training Magic's full brother, Ollie (listed on this page). We went back for another. Ollie is special and Magic might have a higher ceiling. But after seeing Magic move, we said Wow! We should offer him as a stallion this fall if anyone wants to use him for breeding. If he doesn't sell, he will be gelded and go into our training program with the kids in 2023. But I kind of think someone is going to realize how special he is and snap him up. He is registered AMHR. He is coming 2 yrs old. We expect him to mature to 35 inches, give or take. His mama was an A mini, so maybe he'll stay an A. Good mind. The kids are already working with him on manners, etc. Watch him move. He can move. He's an athlete. Check out the video.

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