Haflingers For Sale

Black Portland Cutter Antique

$900- This sleigh is one of my favorites. I just have too many and it hasn't gotten out much lately. I often take a bigger vehicle. But you'll love it. I got it from my neighbor.

Santa's Sleigh Red Albany Cutter

$900- We always took great Christmas photos with this one. It's nearly new condition. Shiny sleigh could have a million uses at holiday times. Lot's of fun.

Luck Bea Lady SGH

$12,000- An exceptional young mare out of some of our top breeding. Bea has a calm, confident mind reminiscent of her father, Waltzing William SGH. We expect her to mature at 15 hands. She is going to make a great all-around family horse. We are considering breeding her this year if we don't sell her. That is how much we love her mind.

Luna SGH

$6,300- Luna is out of Waltzing William SGH and Lil Bit. She has a good mind and she is a tall, elegant young horse. She should finish at 15 hands or taller.  Right now she is a little less confident than her sister, Bea, but her price will raise as she gains confidence.

M.T. Blaze WFHIL

SOLD- Attractive red horse with a beautiful blaze. He has a good mind and a lot of driving experience. His cantering is not as far along as a lot of our other young horses but is coming along. A fancy young horse.

IMG_7221-1 betsy7.jpg

$8,600 Betsy is a long-legged show prospect that is projected to finish at 15 hands. We think she is probably the best show prospect we have ever bred. Her father is Walzing River out of the great Walzertakt and the famous Rivella mare. Betsy's mother won at the National show in 2013. Betsy is pretty much a ringer for her mother. She is well bahaved but always forward and energetic. She has been tested genetically for squamous cell carcinoma. She will have a real presence in the show ring.

Izzadora MJW

$6,300- Izzie is a really well-bred mare out of the National Champion Stelaka. She is mellow, with a sweet mind. She rides and drives very nicely. We had a really nice foal out of her in 2019. She has a beautiful, deep red color. She is well-balanced with more of the traditional look and mind of a haflinger.