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Amigo AMS


Born 5/13/2010

14.3 hands tall

We bought Amigo as the top selling gelding at the AHR Spring Sale 2015 because we thought he could be a great kids horse. Across our family we have 6 kids that want to show Haflingers and we needed a few more really good kids' horses. We hoped Amigo was as good he appeared at the sale. Whenever you pay top prices at an auction you get a little buyer’s remorse, hoping that you made the right decision, taking just a little comfort that at least one other person wanted him nearly as badly as you did. But we did good this time. David Raber told us, “No horse is bombproof, but this one is as close as you get.” He was right. At his very first show, his cart blew a tire 5 minutes after we hooked him. It did sound like a bomb. Amigo did not flinch.

Screenshot 2019-06-29 at 7.47.59 PM.png
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